You have real estate in Miami and intend to make a profit? Wolsen Real Estate will help you to sell or lease residential and commercial property.

  1. We’ll give balanced and fair cost evaluation of your property, taking into account all peculiarities of the market.
  2. Consider the possibility of increasing the purchase price with minimal costs.
  3. Prepare the competent and selling announcement, place it in the base.
  4. Provide a comprehensive advertising campaign.
  5. Arrange professional presentation, show your property to all potential buyers.

If you don’t plan to deal with the rent on their own, use the services of professionals, we will fully assume all worries:

  • Collection of rent payments from tenants;
  • Payment of all charges in a timely manner;
  • Maintaining housing and urgent response in emergency situations.

Wolsen Real Estate will help you to sell or lease residential and commercial property.

Speaking of professional real estate management, we mean tranquility and confidence, convenience and time savings, and the most important – extraction of the maximum profit and reduction of operating costs for the property owners.

US law provides for a fixed rate of income tax, purchased from the rental housing. It is 20%. However, many homeowners can legitimately reduce these payments by debiting cost of maintenance of housing.

Subject to deduction:

  • interest paid under the contract of mortgage lending;
  • depreciation and amortization in 15 years;
  • repair expenses;
  • payments to the Condo association;
  • money paid under a contract of property insurance, etc.

We strive to create long-term relationships, therefore we guarantee our clients quality service and the most effective use of the investment property.

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