6 Factors in Choosing a New Neighborhood

6 Factors in Choosing a New Neighborhood | Wolsen Real Estate

August 18, 2017

Top 6 Factors When Choosing Your New neighborhood

As exciting as it is to move into a new home, there are certain things you have to think of even before you make the decision of purchasing the property. You have to weigh if it is more practical to buy a built house ready for occupation or if it would be better to build a house on an empty lot instead. Of course, with the choice of building a house comes another task, which is finding the best new home design.

Another important part of the home search process is finding the best neighborhood. Perhaps, it should even be one of the first steps. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying the perfect house and finding out too late that it is located in a not-so-desirable area or in a place that is not ideal for the needs of your family. How do you actually know which location is the best one for you? Here are the top six factors to keep in mind when looking for a new neighborhood to move into. 

6 Factors in Choosing a New Neighborhood

  • Livability and Environment

See the living conditions in the area. Is there garbage littered around the streets? Do you see pests crawling about as you walk down the streets? You should also check how the community treats newcomers. Are they welcoming? Do you see yourself living side by side with these people? Socializing with neighbors is one of the many things you will be doing once you move in. See to it that the people you will be sharing the community with are people that you feel safe and comfortable to live with.

  • Condition of Houses

Do you see more dilapidated houses than those in good condition? Most of the time, old and unoccupied houses are huge red flags when picking out a good neighborhood to stay in. It can be a sign that the area is not an ideal place to live hence the low occupancy rate. Also, most residential places have certain rules for constructing or renovating homes. So if you are planning to construct a new double storey home, inquire with the local council first if your initial home design follows building regulations.

  • Accessibility to Facilities

You would want your new place close to hospitals, churches, grocery stores, and even shopping districts. Ideally, your prospective neighborhood should be just a few minutes drive to facilities and places of interest. However, if the house and residential area you are eyeing is a bit more out of the way, check what the transportation options are to commute to and from the place. That leads us to the next factor.

16 Factors in Choosing a New Neighborhood

  • Transportation and Traffic Conditions

If you choose to live a couple of miles away from the city center, make sure to pick a neighborhood with nearby transportation stations as much as possible. However, living near the subway means more noise pollution, so bring that into consideration too. If you opt to drive your own vehicle, you want to know how heavy the traffic gets during peak hours. Additionally, if you are seeking to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle, look for cities where more people drive bikes or walk instead of drive.

  • Security and Privacy of Residents

A good neighborhood should make you feel safe and protected even when you are walking the streets at night. Check the crime rate of cities and suburbs. Know the opinion of the community regarding their police force and local government. Security should be a top priority if you have or are planning to have kids. If privacy is also something you highly value, then check how close houses are with one another. Test the noise levels, especially during rest hours. If you prefer peace and quiet, then avoid properties near highways, freeways, hospitals, and police and fire stations.

  • House Sales and Turnover Rate

The turnover rate in a neighborhood may indicate the satisfaction of the residents. If a lot of people are leaving the area, this could mean that there is a persistent problem that turns away homeowners.

Whether you are searching for display homes in Brisbane or apartments in Miami, one of the first considerations you should look into is which neighborhood to check for properties. To make the home search process easier, talk to one of our realtors here at Wolsen Real Estate. We will help you through the whole process, from selecting your ideal home to knowing your investment options.

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