Each person, starting to receive high stable income, tries to invest his funds not only to save them, but to multiply. The most widespread, profitable and reliable investment option is still the purchase of real estate.

Miami’s real estate market is one of the most steadily growing and dynamic, ranging from budget apartments to luxury villas on the coast. According to statistics, in recent years, the average annual return on investment in the residential Miami real estate amounted to 15-20%.

In a 2009 UBS study of 73 world cities, Miami was ranked as the richest city in the United States (of four U.S. cities included in the survey) and the world’s fifth-richest city, in terms of purchasing power.

In 2015 Miami was approved in the status of one of the most popular and perspective cities for investments and took the second place in the ranking of world cities with the fastest growth of prices for luxury properties, according to Knight Frank, in the report Prime Global Cities Index. The first place went to Vancouver and Sydney won «bronze». This was facilitated by low interest rates, a growing economy and the inflow of capital.

«Miami’s luxury properties are among the most sought-after properties in the world», said Christopher Zoller, a 27-years Miami-based Realtor and the 2015 Residential President of the Miami Association of Realtors. «In addition to offering picturesque oceanfront views, Miami’s luxury market offers buyers the ability to live, work, and play in what is America’s second most important financial hub behind New York City. The recent growth in luxury listings and median prices is another sign of growing seller confidence in this sector».

Our company renders professional services in a real estate choice, verification of all documents, support of the transaction and registration of purchase.

Regardless of the purposes of buying property, the investment attractiveness of Miami is obvious:

  • Stable economic and political situation in the country.
  • Miami is the financial, commercial, cultural, and entertainment center on a global scale, where people can work, live and relax, enjoying a high quality of life.
  • The laws of Florida protect the interests of customers, regardless of their nationality and the place of residence, regulate the activities of real estate and construction companies.
  • Loyalty of Florida in terms of tax policy. Not required to pay income collection, inheritance is not taxed.
  • Possibility of mortgage lending.
  • The developed infrastructure is constantly improved by the municipal authorities and construction companies, interested in attracting investors to the object.
  • Financial institutions, international and national companies, television studios, conferences, festivals and events, as well as gorgeous beaches and shops attract to the city over 38 million visitors each year. Their expenses are estimated at approximately 17 billion dollars.
  • You can buy real estate under your name or under company, which you can open within a day.
  • Under the laws of the State the first acquired real estate can’t be taken away even in case of bankruptcy.

Our company renders professional services in a real estate choice, verification of all documents, support of the transaction and registration of purchase. We will select the offers corresponding to your requirements and guaranteeing the worthy investment income.

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