For Tenants

You’ve come to Miami on vacation, your children are learning in America, you are going to pass medical treatment or prepare for childbirth and don’t want to live a long time in the bustle of hotels, or simply decided to save money? We are pleased to offer you the appropriate options, check their condition, minimizing the amount necessary for the provision of documents and the amount of the security deposit, will help with expert advice.

The place where you will live, relax, prepare for childbirth or treatment should be comfortable and cozy.

We will find you accommodation, optimal for the length of stay, location and cost.

Specify your requirements and you will receive concrete and accurate information on the available options:

  • budget;
  • stay term;
  • number of people;
  • apartment/house size;
  • area;
  • other requests.

With its extensive client base, knowledge of the law and the legal nuances, specialists of Wolsen Real Estate will quickly and professionally choose the accommodation in Miami for a short or long period. We will carefully examine all contract terms and inform you. Conduct a full support of the lease agreement.

For any questions about Miami Real Estate contact Wolsen Real Estate. Call us at +1 (305) 333-4555