Going to buy an apartment or a house in one of the most desirable cities in the world? Wolsen Real Estate will help you to make the right choice!

Miami is the endless summer, magnificent ecology, gorgeous beaches, cultural diversity, exquisite gourmet restaurants, fabulous shopping. It is the world class property and the ideal place for life!

The world famous magazine «Forbes» ranked Miami «America’s Cleanest City». Such recognition became possible by the magnificent landscaping of the city, clean air, vast green spaces, high quality of drinking water, clean streets and city-wide recycling programs.

Schools, universities, colleges, sports clubs and playgrounds, parks and zoos, developed system of public transport, high level of medicine and safety make Miami a worthy place for family life.

According to the Miami Association of Realtors, Miami’s real estate market recorded its highest number of single-family home sales of any month in history in June 2015. The city had 1390 sales, beating its previous record of 1317 in June 2005.

It is also important that the laws of Florida protect the interests of customers, regardless of their nationality and the place of residence, regulate the activities of real estate and construction companies.

Buying an apartment or a house in Miami, you invest the money successfully and provide your family a perfect rest at the same time. Miami is the city of the future, the epicenter of stability, development and luxury.

We understand that the decision to buy a property is probably one of the most important in your life, therefore our mission is to turn your purchase into a pleasure.

  1. We will carefully study all your wishes.
  2. Consult on the existing areas and buildings.
  3. Select the appropriate options.
  4. Describe advantages and disadvantages of the chosen objects.
  5. Agree with the seller on the time and date that will be convenient for everyone.
  6. Acquaint on every apartment/house in details: utility payments, cost of insurance, monthly cost of maintenance of the entire infrastructure of the building, etc.
  7. Prepare all necessary documents.
  8. Highly qualified lawyers will check objects for existence of encumbrances.
  9. If necessary, we will assist you in finding the best credit conditions.
  10. Select experts to conduct the necessary examinations and evaluations.
  11. No hidden and deferred payments. Financial transparency of the transaction is guaranteed.

We always defend interests of our clients and keep them informed of each step concerning the purchase. All documents are repeatedly checked by lawyers and brokers before signing.

Rely on professionals! We will meet all your expectations!

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